The Castle of BlazeMature


The landing after the teleport was not as elegant as Falcon might have hoped. He didn't have much experience with teleporting, and even then only the once when Eternal had pulled him off the cliff to help Life in the canyon. This journey had evidently been longer - and as a result his legs felt like wet string. Inevitably, this resulted in him landing almost face-first in the boggy ground.

Getting back to his feet, knees wobbling alarmingly as the feeling gradually came back to them, he looks around at his companions. All of them are looking straight ahead, almost unblinkingly. Falcon looks too, and finds himself staring up at the high battlements of the Blaze castle. It's even bigger than Falcon had expected, made entirely of a dark steel-grey stone, the Blaze emblem flying above the battlements. He shivers, here was the one place he'd hoped never to be, and now here he was about to walk straight into it. All is silent and there is an air of expectation in the air. Almost as if they were expected...

Suddenly a small door in the side of the main gate swung open, almost by itself.

"Come on," called a voice, almost tauntingly. "What are you waiting for?"

Falcon growls, shifting his sword in it's sheath. He wants to draw it, but something tells him that would be a bad idea. As it is, he just keeps one hand firmly wrapped around the hilt as, together, the group step towards the open gate. As the last of them passes through, the gate swings slowly shut. Falcon keeps his eyes locked in front of him as they pass into a courtyard. They halt in the middle, looking around expectantly.

"Well?" Falcon calls. "Here we are you scumbags! We've got your blasted Stone, come and get it!"

"So you have." says a voice. The group whip around, and there at the other end of the courtyard stands none other than Shadow, leaning nonchalantly against the wall with a smug smile on his face. He looks at Eternal, sees the lump in her pocket and a sudden light flashes in his icy black eyes.

"Now," he says. "Let's get the negotiations underway shall we?"

The End

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