Eternal's eyes shoot open her eyes blazing violet. She jumps up in an instant. "Lets move" Eternal says.

She heads straight for the bridge. "Eternal" Falcon whispers confused.

She spins round to face Falcon and she knows what he see's. Eyes that are totally violet no seperation.

"Eternal...." Falcon whipsers.

"We need to move" she says sadness clear on her face. "I can't hold this for too long..... give me your hands"

She stuffs the stone in her pocket then takes one of both of the boys hand. Then they are outside.

"Mummy!" Rose sings running to her and hugging her.

"We need to move Rose honey. Linked circle" Eternal says. Helena hesitates as well as Alaric and Rose.

"What's happening?...... Your eyes...." Helena finally gasps. Eternal shake her head.

"We have to move now" Eternal insists.

Helena nods then everyone links hands. Eternal looks at Falcon whose looking at her. "We'll be all right" Eternal mouths.

Then Bang... they teleport.

The End

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