Conversation with a DragonMature

Falcon just managed to catch Eternal before she hit the floor. She was heavier than he expected, but thankfully she still didn't weigh that much. Carrying her away, the Stone still clenched in her hand, he lays her down on the hard stone floor next to the wall and sits beside her, her head in his lap. Drake looks at him confusedly:

"What are you up to?" he says, one pale eyebrow raised.

"Well I can't exactly carry her back across that bridge can I?" replies Falcon. "We'll just have to wait until she wakes up."

Drake nods, then moves over and leans on the wall beside him. There is an awkward silence, then Drake sighs and looks down at Falcon.

"Why do you want the Stone?" he asks.

"We don't." replies Falcon sadly. "But Blaze have taken our friends captive - it's them that want this blasted thing. We didn't have a choice. We have three days left, two if this one's already over. Then they'll kill them."

Drake looks surprised. "How many are there?"

Falcon shrugs, "Can't be much less than about fifteen. We're competent fighters, but there are children with us and not all of us can fight any more. Blaze have been hunting us for years, even before Eternal came to us. It's hard enough keeping them all alive as it is and now...." he breaks off.

There is another silence, then Drake looks down at him again:

"You really care about them don't you? Your friends I mean. I can see it in your face, whenever you two talk about them. They mean a lot to you."

"The most." Falcon replies. "I lost my family when I was very young. Since then they've been the only family I had. My foster mother's still with them, and my best friend. I've spent so long with them they're practically my family. Now I have Eternal and my children as well... it looks like my family just extended."

Drake laughs, a surprisngly pleasant sound despite his apparent coldness. Falcon smiles at him, warming slightly to the strange dragon-man. Then he feels Eternal stir in his lap.

"I think she ought to be awake soon," he says. He leans down and kisses her cheek, "Come on Eternal, wake up. Let's go."

The End

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