The StoneMature

Eternal could feel the tension of Falcon behind her. She reached the bridge and almost ran across it. Falcon was quick behind her.

"This way" Drake said without hesitation smirking at Falcon who seemed to tense up more if that was possible.

Eternal took Falcon's hand and slid her fingers through his. "Shh, calm" Eternal whispers in his ear then kisses his cheek.

Then head through a tunnel where fire appears on the wall. It hangs on its own flickering on the wall.

Dragon fire....... "Here" Drake stops. Eternal looks past hit to see a column with light shining down from an above tunnel from the surface.

On the column is the stone. "Go and pick it up then" Drake says. "Neither us can go closer without you claiming it"

Eternal looks at Falcon who nods. She turn and takes a step forward. Then another making her feel the resistance.

I put this up? Eternal thinks to herself. She doesn't remember doing so. And the stone cant work on its own.

Eternal reaches out as she fights against the force of the stone. She continues to fight till reaching the column....

Where she picks up the stone and passes out with it in her hand.

The End

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