Falcon watches Eternal on the stairs, fidgeting and twitching, unable to stand still. He can't bring himself to look down at the drop below the stairs, he'd probably faint if he did. Instead he watches Eternal walk gingerly down, arms outstretched for balance.

And I thought that canyon was nasty, he thinks, chewing his lip and jigging about like a hyperactive child. Finally he can't bring himself to wait any more and, flattening himself almost to a crouch, he begins to shuffle-crawl down the steps behind Eternal. The stone is hard, but feels oddly crumbly around the edges as he scuttles after Eternal. Drake snickers on the other side, Falcon raises his head and mouths a curse at him before turning his attention back to the stone beneath his feet. Although he knows he stands less of a chance of pitching off the edge in a crouch, he can't help but notice the enormous drop below the bridge.

"Don't think about it," he mutters to himself. "Just keep going, don't look down, just keep going, don't look down."

How cliched, he thinks sarcastically as he repeats his mantra under his breath. Don't look down, that practically just invites you to look doesn't it? A small chipping of stone comes away under his hand and he yelps, the sound echoing off the cavern walls. Eternal looks back momentarily, half-smiling at the look on Falcon's face. Drake is clearly smothering hysterics on the other end of the bridge. Falcon grits his teeth  and continues his slow progress across the bridge.

Remind me, he thinks to himself, when I get to the other side, I'm going to throttle that dragon. He'd proving to be even more of a pain than Chocolate. If that's even possible.

The End

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