"I created it when they imprisoned me cause they told me too" Eternal whispers. "I sent it here cause..... If Blaze had it the war would of been destroyed straight away. The future would have been drastically changed"

"So you sent it here to preserve the future?" Falcon whispers. Eternal nods silently. "Then why are we giving it them now?"

"Cause the future isn't to set..... and I can't let the others die" Eternal moves off ahead as they reach the stairs. "How deep?"

"Two hundred meters down to the bridge..... a thousand metre fall from here" Drake says looking at Eternal calmly.

She holds back a shiver his eyes really are something. She turns to look at Falcon who seems in thoughts.

"Are you ready?" She asks. He looks up his eyes slowly coming into reality. He nods and Eternal turns back round.

She takes a deep breath then begins down the steep small steps. She makes sure to test that it cant support her weight before stepping down.

Drake takes the stairs easily skipping down them. "Stop showing off" Falcon mutters from at the back.

Eternal stops a laugh excaping her lips and consentrates on the stairs. Taking them slowly and calmly.

The End

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