The Voice Again...Mature

Falcon stared at the ground for a few moments. If he was right then, of the two weeks they had for the task, they now had ... three days. Three days to get the Stone and get back to the Blaze castle before his friends were killed.

Hello, earth to Falcon, GET A MOVE ON!!! Falcon jumped at the sound of the voice in the back of his mind piping up again. Although he knew it was just his own conscience, it was rathe eerie to have it yelling at him. Move! said the voice again You've got a bridge and stairs to get through, now come on!

That thing sounds more like Dane every day, Falcon thinks darkly before turning back to Eternal and Drake.

"Right," he says. "Drake, lead the way. Show us where the Stone is."

Drake nods and begins to move off through the corn maze. Falcon and Eternal follow, side-by-side, each lost in their own thoughts. Falcon hopes none of the dragon's roaring had given Life, Helena and the children the wrong idea. Then again, if they could see them now they'd probably think something had gone seriously askew. Falcon was having problems believing that himself.

"Eternal," he whispered. "What exactly did you create this Stone for? And why send it here?"

The End

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