New WorldMature

"I have lived in this place for thousands of years. Ever since that stone fell from the sky and bonded me into protection" Drake says.

Falcon looks at Eternal raised eyebrow. Eternal looks away embarassed. "Not my fault" Eternal mumbles.

Drake coughs getting their attention. "Moving on. So I had lived in this cave guarded by the immortal covan above waiting for her" Drake points at Eternal. "I want to excape this cave.... you two are my only way"

"I can deal with that" Eternal says shrugging. Falcon looks at her shocked and then shakes his head.

"Fine now wheres that stone cause we seriously need to get to that castle" Falcon says moving to stand next to Eternal.

"I will be able to teleport us stop worrying we'll make it" Eternal whisper putting a hand on his cheek.

Drake coughs and they look at him. "We need to move.... its a little trip to the stone.... We need to take the stairs and bridge"

The End

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