Falcon looks from the dragon to Eternal, to the bow in his hand, to the corn maze and back to the dragon. He feels as if someone's dropped a large bucket of cold water on his head.

This makes absolutely no sense at all. Not a scrap.

He watches Drake carefully. Although no longer the twenty-foot monster he used to be, he is still a pretty imposing sight. Falcon was hardly small himself, but the sight of the seven-foot dragon-man was enough to put him off. Particularly with those claws.

"Come with us?" he mumbles, "Why the hell would a dragon want to come with us?"

Drake looks at him, one eyebrow raised expectantly. Falcon shudders under his gaze - those eyes are creepy. Even Shadow's black coalpit eyes and Dane's sometimes very unsettling misty white are nothing on this. They look human, but there's an ancient power behind those eyes; very old and exceedingly poignant. Almost unthinkingly, Falcon takes a half-step back. Eternal looks at Drake and repeats his question:

"Why do you want to come with us? What interest does the outside world hold for one such as you? And why are you so willing to suddenly give up the Stone?"

The End

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