"I have an Idea" Eternal says spinning to face Falcon. "It might be dangerous.... you'll have to keep look out while I do it"

"What you gonna do?" Falcon asks worried. Eternal sighs.

"The dragon seems intelligent enough for a metal conection.... I'm gonna try that to link it to me" Eternal confirms. Falcon looks about to protest but fire streams into the top of the cabin.

"Okay, I'll watch you" He says nodding.

Eternal casts away her weapon and sits on the floor legs folded. She slowly closes her eyes and..... then it begins. She metally reaches out to the dragons mind and hears its thoughts.

"Only a powerful human deserves that treasure" The dragon.... says. I'm hearing the meaning of its roars and also its silent speech, Eternal thinks.

"I am powerful" She sends.

"What.... How are you in my mind?" The dragon yells.

"I'm Eternal..... I've come to take back the stone in which I sent to this island"

"Hmm, then do you know my true form?" He asks with a hint of smugness. Eternal see's it as he thinks it.

A Pale skinned human with spiked jet black hair, Burning black eyes. Sharp teeth and nails.

"You're a humanoide form" Eternal whispers metally.

The roaring stops Eternal comes back to her body and she opens her eyes to see Falcon staring shocked. The former Dragon is standing tall at about 7 foot.

"Wow" Eternal whispers getting to her feet.

"My name's Drake.... let me show you to the stone.... but I must also travel with you afterwards"

The End

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