Dead EndMature

Not get stuck eh? Easier said than done, thinks Falcon darkly as, they race through the corn, the dragon's roars echoing behind them and sending shivers up his spine. Even the presence of a weapon in his hand isn't particularly reassuring, he's not a brilliant shot with a bow at the best of times and aiming at a dragon that looks like it could happily squash him to a pulp before he could so much as draw back the string is not an appealing concept.

The compass is beginning to glow in Eternal's hand, getting steadily brighter as they wind through the corn. Falcon hopes that means they're getting closer to the stone. He doesn't want to spend any more time in here than he can avoid - for obvious reasons. They reach another fork and they dart off to the right, just in time to avoid another blow from the dragon's enormous mace-like tail.

"Dammit, this thing is fast!" Falcon yelps as they take off again, running almost flat out through the corn. "Where's the bleeding stone for gods' sake!"

"I don't know! Just keep running and don't stop whatever you do!" Eternal shouts, her voice half-lost in another ground-shaking roar from the dragon.

Then, without warning, they skid to a halt. It's a dead end.

Oh shit.

The End

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