"Uhh, aren't we underground?" Falcon whispers. Eternal nods silently. The maze is..... a corn maze. Magically lights playing above in the top of the cavern. The corn is obviously magically cause its 20 metres high.

"Gives us a hint about the dragon" Eternal whispers before heading down the path. Falcon jogs slightly to catch up to walk next to her.

"We should stick to one direction" He says looking left and right at the first section we come to.

"Right" Eternal says turning and she freezes. "Crap" She turns and runs back Falcon spotting her then looking in the direction they were meant to be going.

"Oh" He mutters then races after Eternal.

The 10 metre high dragon is midnight black and has spikes down his back. "He is deffinetly intelligent" Eternal tells Falcon as a spike tail swings at them and the Dragon opens its mouth.

A loud bone shaking raw echo's through the cavern. Then fire attacks the adverntures.  They jump then spin round. Eternal creates a bow and total iron arrows and fires three in two seconds.

She passes the same weapon to Falcon as they begin to run away.... again. "I should have chose left" She pulls out the compass. "It was left"

Both of them are pissed but they continue running. "The point of the maze is to get stuck.... we must not"

The End

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