Cryptics and Prophecies. Not Helpful.Mature

Maze? Who said anything about a maze? Ah dammit, can't we just get this over with already!

Falcon shudders at the thought of yet another long winding underground path. He's getting fed up of not seeing the sunlight. And he doesn't much like the prospect of fighting a dragon in the dark.

"Maze. Right..." he says. "Can you show us where it is?"

"Of course," says one of the figures, gesturing to a dark hole in the corner of a wall. "Follow the path wisely brave ones. There is more at risk here than you are aware."

Great, thinks Falcon, fingering his sword hilt, prophetic warnings. Just what I need when I'm already going mad with stress. Gods I hate prophecies.

The chanters watch in silence as Falcon and Eternal pass through their ranks, stopping just in front of the cavern. Falcon peers inside, pulling out his sword:

"Do you know if there's anything in here? Anything that might try and eat us for breakfast I mean?" he looks at the chanting people inquiringly.

"Fear turns the bravest of men to cowards," replies one of the chanters.

That's not helpful, Falcon thinks, muttering a curse under his breath. He and Eternal exchange a look, then both move off down the tunnel into the maze. The chanters look back at one another and, just before their voices fade from hearing, Falcon hears one whisper something to the dark:

"And so it begins."

The End

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