Into the caveMature

Eternal was scared. Not for her but for her children. She turned to the rest of the group. "You lot stay out here.... me and Falcon are going in" Eternal says sternly.

"But-" Life begins but Helena puts a hand on her shoulder quieting her. "I'll look after them" Helena says.

Eternal nods then turns to Falcon taking a deep breath. "Ready?" She asks. He nods offering his hand. Eternal takes it and together they plunge into the cave. Into the deep darkness.

"Stay with me" Falcon whispers. "Don't light anything"

A light appears causing both of them to freeze. Falcon looks back a me but Eternal shakes her head. "That isn't me" Eternal whispers.

Then the chanting begins. The two travellers look at each other then head towards the noise.

They find a circle of young humans wearing white. "Wow" Eternal whispers. The group turns and then smiles.

"We knew you would come" One says rising to stand in front of them. Everyone rises one after the other. All gracefully.

"Are you ready to take the maze?" One continues.

What Maze??

"In threat of the dragon?" Another finishes. Eternal looks across at Falcon who is tense and also shocked. He turns to look at her quickly before speaking.

The End

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