Found It...Mature

Falcon had to wait until after the kids were out of the "bath" (actually it was little more than a small pond) before they could move off. However, when they were finally out of the water, he sets off into the trees, still on edge and looking about in a paranoid manner for any sign of the shadowy creature he'd seen before. Helena looks at him oddly, but he ignores her and sets off further into the trees.

"Erm, Falcon." says Eternal. "The compass is pointing that way."

Falcon yelps, turning almost on the spot, face burning crimson as Helena and the children giggle, and sets off in the direction Eternal is pointing. Smooth move nutcase, he thinks, as if I needed any further proof I'm coming unstuck. Going up the twist, Dane used to call it. Falcon pushes the thought out of his mind, focussing instead on scouring the shadows as the others follow him along the path. He doesn't know how far they're going to go, but he just wants to get as far away from wherever that thing is as possible. As if a dragon wasn't bad enough, it seemed there were other things on this blinking island too. Brilliant.

"Hang on," he calls back. "We're heading towards the dragon's cave right?"

Eternal nods and Falcon laughs nervously.

"I think I found it." he says, pointing down ahead of him. Straight towards the distant outline of a cragged mountain peak and the sounds of irate roaring echoing across the island from the enormous monster lurking inside.

The End

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