Fire NightMature

Eternal gasps. "What is it?" Helena asks. She woke up to the twins moaning at Eternal and argueing against each other.

Rose wanted to go swimming but Alaric said they shouldn't cause they would be apart and it would be unsafe. Eternal really thinks they're more two sides of the same person then seperate.

Luckly they are both good. Rosemery the excited play mouse and Alaric the resposible fun lover.

Eternal finds it funny to watch them but she's just been distracted. "I'm pulling Falcon back in"

She picks up the rope and tugs at it twice. Falcon couldn't have come back faster. He looked terribly frightened.

Eternal jumps up and runs across. "Are you okay?" Eternal asks. She hugs up to Falcon pressing into his chest.

"..... Something's out there Eternal... I came back when you pulled but I didn't find out what it was"

"I know it was dangerous" Eternal whispers pulling him closer.

"Why are the kids???"

"Having a bath? Helena's Idea" Eternal reaches up tilting his face down and pulling herself up on her tiptoes.

She presses his lips lightly. "We have to move"

The End

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