I don't knowMature

Eternal's eyes flicker open. And she moans rolling over. "Eternal" She sits up to see Falcon sat up.

"Morning" Eternal chokes out rubbing her eyes trying to get the sleep out of them.

"Who do you think is dead?" His voice is deadly serious.

"I don't know" Eternal whispers. She stands up reaching down to stretch her legs then above her head stretches her arms. "When he said someone was ill I saw a flicker of a lie that could possibly mean someone's dead..... or not ill at all"

That cheers up Falcon a bit but Eternal can still feel the sadness. She takes a deep breath and looks across at the children who are still cuddled up. She smiles.

"Time to wake everyone up" Falcon says getting to his feet. "I'm going to hunt"

"Don't go far" Eternal insists. "In fact...."

Eternal creates a rope and ties one end round his ankle and the other round hers. "It will continue to lengthen unless you don't want it to or I don't want it too"

He nods then heads off.

The End

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