Loss of LifeMature

"Nothing" Eternal whispers. She curls up on her side looking across at the kids cuddled up.

Falcon lies down behind her and rolls her over then pulls her to his chest. "Somethings been on your mind since the plains?" he whispers.

"I told you its n-"

"Tell me Eternal...... or don't you trust me" he whispers. That hits a nerve and Eternal flinches pulling back. "I'm sorry"

"Don't be...." Eternal takes a deep breath. "I shouldn't keep things from you. I mean I know I can trust you"

Falcon pushes back a strand of her hair. "Tell me then"

"There's a chance..... one of the group is already dead"  Eternal whispers. Falcon freeze's and Eternal regrets telling him. "Falcon, I am so sor-"

He presses his lips down on her and she feels his tears on her face. "It's not your fault.... its that deamons" Falcon hisses.

Eternals heart twangs in her chest hurting. "Don't be sad Falcon..... we'll get them back" She whispers.

He nods and she strokes his cheek. Eternal finds herself passing off to sleep even though she wants to stay awake for him.

The End

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