Through the TreesMature

The compass-stone's directions lead the group right through the heart of the forest. It was no longer as intimidating in the daylight, and with choruses of noisy birds ringing from almost every angle it was far from the silent mystery it had been in the night-time. One thing it was though was big. Very, very big.

Dammit, thinks Falcon, swatting an intruding tree branch out of his face, how long is it going to take to get through here? They had been walking for almost three hours and, if anything, the forest just seemed to have grown thicker. Growing more and more agitated by the moment, Falcon tried to keep track of where they were going, but every tree looked the same. Come on, he thought, we don't have time for this! Even if Eternal could have teleported them back, he didn't like the idea of cutting their timing too fine. Stone or no, he doubted Blaze would have any inhibitions about killing off what they saw as a bunch of pestilential outlaws.

They plodded on, following the direction the compass pointed, ever onwards through the trees. Occasionally they would catch sight of something moving in the trees, some strange vague shape - evidently some sort of animal - but it would always disappear before they got close enough to see it properly. At around midday, they stop to rest by a small brook and Falcon turns to Eternal and says:

"Does that thing give any idea how long this is going to take?"

Eternal doesn't answer, she seems preoccupied by something. Falcon suspects its the same something that she was thinking about on the plains, the something he suspected was bad, but she never mentioned. He looks at her, trying to discern what she's thinking:

"Is something on your mind?"

The End

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