Stopping the ageMature

Eternal nods then moves over to the kids. She kneels down in front of them. "We know what you want us to do and we'll do it mum" Alaric says.

Eternal nods and holds out the pebble they take it in their hands together and let it drain their age energy.

Alaric hands it back and Rose slumps into him. Eternal checks her forehead. "She's just fainted mum" Alaric says smiling at me. Eternal nods then stands up. She opens hand to see the pebble has been turned into a crystal formed compass.

Eternal walks back to Falcon. "Here" She hands it to him and he takes it looking shocked.

"Wow" He mutters. "That changed a lot"

"Of course.... how would a pebble show us where to go?" Eternal winks at Falcon and he pulls her into a hug kissing her passionately. "What was that for?" She gasps.

"I haven't had one it ages" he says pouting. Eternal smiles taking his face between her hands then leaning up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

"Once this is over.... I'll treat you to more" Eternal whispers.

"Stop the love fest!" Life shouts.

"Never!" Eternal shouts back then kisses Falcon again.

The End

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