What is she going to do? To activate the stone Eternal needs to use a trackable power. And she can't allow the small group to be tracked.

She wakes to the tweet of an exotic bird. She looks up and gasps. Several phoenix's fly in the sky. Falcon is asleep standing up his head dropped and leant against a tree.

Eternal stands up then does a ear piercing whistle that wakes everyone but gives them a chance to watch a phoenix land on Eternal's arm.

"Wowwy" Rose says jumping up and running over Alaric trailing after her. He's slightly taller than her now and as Eternal hands over the phoenix they cuddle up together stroking it.

"They are so sweet" Helena whispers coming over.

"And look about 12 now...... Life! Falcon!" Eternal lead them off to the side.

"What is it?" Life asks. Falcon looks at her confused.

"I'm thinking of using Alaric's and Rosemery's aging energy to activate the pebble" Eternal says. Life gets it straight away.

"You mean stop them aging now and activate the pebble secretly?" Life gasps. Eternal nods looking at Falcon.

"They will stay 12 for the rest of their life..... I need your agreement to do it" Eternal mutters.

The End

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