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"I know its smart" Eternal mutters still scanning the ocean. "Not much else though"

Something shines in the water. Eternal jumps up. "I'll be right back" She says pulling off her shoes.

"What?!?" Falcon says confused just before Eternal leaps from the boat performing a perfect arc dive. Once beneath the surface she creates an air bubble around her mouth so she can breath.

Eternal looks down into the deep and spots whats glowing. She swims down and protects herself against the pressure.

She reaches the bottom where she picks up the gem. She smiles then swims back to the surface.

She pulls herself onto the boat and Falcon and Helena help her up. "Why the hell did you do that?" Falcon asks.

Eternal clicks her fingers and all the water on her returns to the ocean. "We need this" She says showing them the small gem. "Its a fraction of the main stone that we need to fetch. It will lead us to the main stone so we don't get lost in the forest"

"How big is the forest?" Helena asks.

"Big" Eternal says.

"And terribly dangerous" Life adds. She's struggling with a scrambling Chocolate.

"And that yes. It would take ages to get through without this" Eternal looks at Falcon. "We wouldn't be able to get back in time without this. Once we have the stone I can teleport to the palace with all of us"

Falcon nods but his face is now slightly sad. Eternal cuddles up to him allowing him to row at the saem time being comforted.

The End

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