Water, Water EverywhereMature

The spray from the oars stings Falcon's eyes as he heaves on the oars of the small rowing boat Eternal had conjured up. It was a fairly warm day - for which he is very grateful - but the salty tang of the water makes him shiver despite it. He sneezes, making Helena jump at the other end of the boat. The earth woman had been nervous ever since they had set off from shore, staying huddled at the stern of the ship and barely moving. Falcon doesn't blame her, he's hardly ever been on a ship before - and even then they had only been fishing dinghies in his boyhood. What was more, the ocean seemed a lot less peaceful when you were actually on it rather than watching it. And Falcon doesn't even want to think about what was waiting for them when they reached the islands...

A dolphin breaches a short distance to the left of the boat, it's silver-grey back topped with the elegantly curved dorsal fin breaking the surface of the water for just a moment before disappearing again. Better dolphins than sharks, thinks Falcon, shuddering at the thought of those gaping maws filled with rows of razor sharp teeth. He himself has never seen a shark, but Dane had once shown him a picture drawn by one of the old mariners who lived in their village. Although both had laughed about it at the time, it no longer seemed so funny when there was a risk of actually meeting one. Then again, what was the possibility of a shark against the certainty of a dragon?

"Hang on a moment," says Falcon, an idea suddenly occuring to him. "Eternal, how exactly are we going to get the stone from the dragon? And exactly what sort of dragon are we talking about? Is it one of those big, brutal fire-breathing lizards who lives only to eat people, or is it something a little more intelligent? Because I think I have a plan..."

The End

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