Story of the pastMature

"I have to ask..... is your dark magic trackable?" Eternal whispers to Life.

"When I use it yes" Life mutters hugging Chocolate.

"Dammit" Eternal whispers. "Don't use a fraction"

Life nods silently. "What are we going too do about Shadow? Why haven't you told Falcon what you're thinking?"

Eternal looks at Life and frowns. "I don't think he could cope with it" I whisper.

Life nods agreeing. But is it true he wouldn't be able to cope?

Falcon's gone through alot with Eternal. Violence, Heartbreak, Love, Death, Pregnancy, Insanity, Birth, Growth.

Wow, that is a big list. But would he be able to deal with TOTAL feel of loss. Eternal doesn't believe so and him being sad would hurt her so much.

The End

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