Let's Move!Mature

After a bit of persuasion, Falcon finally manages to get the story of what had happened out of Eternal. The explanation is short, but by the time she finishes speaking, he's ready to tear Shadow into a hundred thousand pieces with his bear hands.

That bastard! he thinks, that evil, black-hearted, bastard! He was taunting them, egging them on, giving them tiny clues at to what was happening to their friends but never the full picture. All Shadow wanted was that goddamed stone, he didn't care who he had to hurt or kill to get it. He only said one girl was ill - he hadn't given a name, although Falcon had a horrible premonition that that was intentional - how could they be sure more of them weren't suffering? Shadow hadn't mentioned any deaths yet... if there weren't fatalities already. Falcon would have given a limb to know how his friends were doing. He just hoped they could hold it together long enough for them to get back.

Sitting here cursing Shadow isn't going to help! said that sharp-edged voice again. Get a move on you fool!

Jerking out of his reverie, Falcon turns back to Eternal.

"Come on," he says. "We don't know how long that girl is going to last, or anyone else for that matter. Shadow's giving us a hint, their time is running out. Let's move."

The End

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