Eternal started to think that she had felt that tremor before. Some underground creature.

Firesand??....... No.

EreMent??........ No.

Errr what is it?  She thinks. She rackets her mind. Is was something long ago. A time when she tried to escape.

Shadow..... Dammit. Its Shadows pet. "Guys..... we really need to get to the ocean" Eternal says.

"Why?" Falcon asks he's watching the children who now seem about 7 years old. Eternal winces at the age.

"That thing in the ground was Shadow's pet.... a tracker" Eternal explains.

"He's checking in on us" Falcon whispers getting it.

Eternal nods. But somethings not right. If it was checking it would have remained quiet...... No, it was there to scare.

But what was its reason? That's what Eternal wants to know. "Somethings happened back at the place..... Everyone stay here" Eternal instructs.

"What-?" Falcon gets out before Eternal teleports. She's met with Shadow.

"What's wrong?" Eternal says.

"We need that stone.... one of the younger girls is ill she will last as long as we allow her to which will be the weeks we've allowed you" Shadow says.

"You-" Eternal snaps her mouth shut. She can't let her anger rule her. "I will be back with it. She teleport back to Falcon who looks shocked.

"Why can't we teleport to-"

"I've never been to the Titan Islands I can only send things there by airial" Eternal says then heads towards the children pulling them into a hug.

The End

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