The Coast is Clear... For NowMature

A stream of long nonsensical curses run through Falcon's head as the earth begins to tremble. He looks down, legs shaking like pieces of wet string.

Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit... the ground's not supposed to do that is it?

He looks at Eternal, who seems to be just as confused as he is. Another of the Cannibal Hawks makes a sweep for them and Falcon sends it flying with a ball of energy. Take that you piece of feathery dung, he thinks, just before the shaking makes him loose his footing and land hard on his knees.

"What's going on?" calls Helena, obviously scared.

"I have absolutely no flipping idea." Falcon replies. The shaking gets more vigorous, so much it's almost difficult to refrain from falling flat on his face. Then, just as it reaches its strongest, it stops.

Cautiously, Falcon peers out from under the shrub. The sky is empty, as is the plain before them, save for the smoking remnants of a few hawks. Scrambling out from underneath the bush, Falcon finally gets to his feet and looks around.

"Well, whatever it was it certainly got rid of our budgie problem." he says.

Eternal pushes herself free of the bush, Helena and the twins not far behind.

"That was odd." says Eternal, looking around nervously. "Wonder what it was..."

"Let's just hope it doesn't come back, whatever it was." Helena cuts in. "Can we move on? Before the birds come back?"

"Sounds like a plan," says Falcon and once again the group set off, scanning the skies occasionally for signs of the birds as well as watching their feet. Whatever it was, it was big. And something told Falcon that wouldn't be the last time they ran into it...

The End

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