Shoot the birdsMature

"Shoot them down Mummy"  Eternal looks down at Rose who points a fist towards the sky. Alaric pulls away from Falcon and skips over to take the other of Rose's hands then point his own fist towards the sky.

Then they both jerk them. It fires a orb into the sky. They both hit the same Hawk which fries in the sky with an ear piercing squark.

"Did they just...?" Falcon whispers pointing at the birds. Eternal nods silently then yanks up a shield as a Hawk swoops in.

"I hate Cannible Hawks" She snaps and fires her own orb blasting the creature that swooped in to bits.

"Here" She shouts, throwing a created sword at Falcon. "Flick it at the birds" Eternal tells him as she blasts another bird.

Falcon flicks the sword and stumbles back from the orb shooting out. She passes another to Helena who takes to it easier.

"Show off" Falcon mutters to Helena who laughs at it. Problem is non of them expected the ground to shake.

The End

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