Under a ShrubMature


Falcon mutters a series of rapid curses as the troop take refuge under a large shrub, just large enough to crouch under, watching the birds wheel and shriek outside. The thorns are digging into his shoulders and a series of brambles have entangled themselves around his legs, but at least they're under cover. With difficulty, Falcon unsheaths his sword and keeps it pointedly between himself, his family and the screeching hawks outside.

Just you try, he thinks, just you try you overgrown pigeons. Come any closer and I'll carve you up for dinner.

Alaric whimpers from behind his father's legs, watching the birds with wide eyed terror. Falcon puts his free arm around his son's shoulders, although they are pretty much compressed together under the low shrub. Eternal mutters something behind him.

"Now what?" he hisses back, swiping at a hawk that gets a little too curious about the edge of the shrub. The bird shrieks as the blade smacks it's beak and flies off squaking.

"I don't know!" Eternal hisses back. "These things won't stop until they're dead or get what they want!"

Falcon growls under his breath, this just isn't right. They didn't come this far to be eaten by a bunch of overzealous birds! And if they have to kill them, so be it.

The simple matter is, how?

The End

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