"Falcon.... look" Eternal whispers. She lowers the children to the ground and they stumble on there feet. Not only that but the sunshine is sparkling off their skin.

"Oh my god" He whispers watching them as they take each others hand stubbling through the grass keeping each other up.

"That is so cute" Life whispers. Chocolate jumps off Life's back and runs up to Rose skipping round her.

"That animal is sexist" Falcon says shaking his head. And it seems true since while Chocolate lets Alaric touch it, it doesn't allow it to scramble on to its back like Rose.

Eternal sighs then gasps when looking up at the sky. "Cannible Hawks" She whispers.

"Oh no" Helena whispers.

"Falcon you take Alaric. Helena you take Life and I'll take Rose. RUN!" I shout at the end.

Everyone does as I say and non of the children seem happy about it not even life who gets to walk for herself. "Mummy, whats going on?" Rose asks in her child like voice.

Its so sweet yet I have no time to treasure it or answer the question cause one of the Hawks swoop down. I turn click my fingers and set it on fire before running again. "I don't get the name" Falcon gasps.

"They eat there parents when they get to old and they eat their dead" Helena tells him.

He looks like he's gonna be sick and I could to its so discusting.

The End

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