Time CalculationsMature

Whoa... I've heard the expression "they grow up so fast" but this takes it to a whole new level, thinks Falcon as he watches Eternal wrestle the twins back into the carrier. He sees Helena giggle, and the look on Thunder's face makes him hard pressed not to laugh himself. Then again, it had taken the group a while to adjust to having Eternal around as well, so he can't really blame them.

"Very well," says Falcon, still grinning. "Now that little episode's been cleared up, shall we move on?"

The others nod and they move off again, continuing through the tunnels, which now seem a lot less sinister with the absence of the shadow men. Falcon puts an arm around Eternal's shoulders as she walks at the back. Life and Chocolate dart about ahead of them, the small brown animal occasionally stopping to sniff at Helena or Thunder. Better sniffing them than biting me, Falcon thinks gleefully, feeling a little lightheaded. Although the loss of his power has taken a chunk out of his strength, he still feels a small burning there. Whether or not it's an after effect he has no idea, but it's presence is definately foreign, but at the same time oddly comforting...

They stop in a small alcove several hours later. Although they cannot tell the time this far underground, they're getting too tired to carry on.

"How much further to the surface?" Falcon asks Thunder. The earth man shrugs:

"If we walk all tomorrow we ought to be out by sunset. However, if we encounter any more... setbacks, it could take us up to three days or more."

"Hmm," Falcon mutters, doing quick calculations in his head. If they were out of the caves by tomorrow, that means they will have been going for just under a week. He didn't know how long it would take them to actually get to the islands, let alone steal the Stone from a dragon, but by his estimation, it would be a very close run to get back to the Blaze castle in time. That was, if they ever got back at all.

Stop it, he snapped to himself. Keep focussed. The sooner we get to the islands, the sooner we can get back. We can't trust Shadow to keep the others alive for that long, we have to move fast. We'll do our best. We just have to hope they can hold on that long.

The End

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