Controlling extra PowerMature

"Yeah" Eternal gasps. She leans against the wall then slowly lowers herself to the floor. Sparks..... Lights.....

"Eternal" She looks up at Life's worried face Falcon also watching.

"Just... sorting..... the power...... around" Eternal gasps. Her cheast is heaving. "We have to.... get going.... though"

Falcon helps Eternal up. She falls into him for a sec then turns to Helena. She takes the children from her carefully.

"Mama" They sing at the same time. Everyone freezes.

"They surely shouldn't be talking yet" Helena whispers. She looks down at them and gasps.

They have doubled in size and their hair has grown. "They.... They are aging quickly" Falcon whispers.

"Until they turn 18" Eternal whispers. They look at her and see the hazey look in her eyes. "Well body wize"

The look disapears and she comes back to reality. "That was a three days time vision" I say simply.

"We'll be crossing to the islands that day" Falcon says.

"That's brilliant timing" Life says. Then Chocalate yaps joining in and everyone laughs breaking a tension that had settled.

"But it will be.... weird- Ah!" Eternal gasps as the childrens weight and size doubles. "Not fair"

The End

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