Power and PainMature

Falcon feels as though someone had got a hold of his insides with a pair of pliers and was trying to wrench his organs out through his skull. The pain as Eternal siezes the small mass of burning energy and tried to wrench it free is like nothing he has ever felt before. Even when he'd almost died, he'd never felt a pain like this. He cries out again, the noise choked by Eternal's lips locked on his own. Distantly, he hears the twins begin to cry.

Why does it hurt so much? he screams inside his mind. What is she doing? A small voice pipes up at the back, a small hard voice whose hard sarcastic manner reminds him eerily of Dane in one of his moods. She's saving your life you dolt, says the voice. This power could kill you once and for all, she's doing you a favour. And you're not making her job any easier. Stop being a whelp, shut up and deal with it!

Wishing his own mind weren't so unsympathetic, Falcon supresses any further cries. He knows the voice is right, in fact he can even feel wet salty tears streaming down his face - presumably Eternal's as he feels as dry as the bottom of a disused well. The terrible wrenching continues, as if pieces of his very soul were being torn forcibly out of him. Yet still he remains silent, supressing the urge to scream with every fibre of his being, body as stiff as a stone statue. When is this going to end? he thinks, half desperate. Please let it end soon, please please please...

Suddenly the wrenching stops. Eternal pulls back, face wet with tears. Falcon feels weak at the knees, whole body shaking alarmingly and once again out of breath. But it's done. The glowing ball of energy within him is now almost non-existant, not that it feels much different from last time. Aside, of course, from the fact he feels like his insides have just been dragged out through his nose and trampled by an army of ten-tonne bulls.

Eternal looks at him concernedly, looking guilty. He looks up at her, meets her eyes and says in a hoarse whisper:


The End

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