Eternal was shocked. That's how there parents died...... And she could lose Falcon to it as well?

Never. Eternal jumped out of the wall. "I'm gonna drain your power out to a minimum level" Eternal says strongly.

"Everyone turn" Life instructs.

"What?" Falcon's confused as Life gets them to walk away slightly and turn. He looks at Eternal.

"This might hurt" She steps up to him takes his face into her hands and tilts his head. "Here" she taps the neck. "Its..... a bit like a vampire but no bite"

"What do you mean??" Falcon whispers.

"This will hurt.... but I can't watch you die" Eternal whispers. She latches her mouth on to his mouth and yanks at the power inside him.

He screams and it hurts Eternal to the core.

The End

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