Shouldn't have happenedMature

Eternal was shocked to the bone. "My life force shouldn't leave marks" She whispers.

"It will have its so powerful and he's been really close to it" Life explains grinning mischeivously. Eternal turns to look at her them back at Falcon.

"I don't want this" Eternal whispers. She takes off the hammock like baby carrier and hands it to Helena. "I can't deal with this!"

She turns and runs straight into the wall vanishing into it. "Eternal!" Falcon shouts after her.

"Don't worry.... she's not gone far. She's in the wall crying" Life whisper.

"But.... But why? Why is she like this?" Falcon whispers.

Life looks at Falcon. "She's dealt with a growing power.... that hint of power you did shows it building" Life sucks in a deep breath. "In about two days you'll probably be sick to the bone"

"What?" Falcon chokes.

"It happened to Eternal I believe. Happened to me too" Life says. "Usually takes a while but you have a direct power transfer the power reach will happen faster..... you'll probably be as strong as one of the children"

"But I don't get why she's so sad?" Falcon whispers. "I know I'll be ill but..."

"Not just ill....... dying. Falcon if your body doesn't support the power....... You'll die like our parents" Life whispers.

Eternal freezes within the stone.

The End

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