Fuelled by FuryMature

Falcon feels the energy surging around him, dancing and tugging at him like a tame animal. It feels his fury, feels the anger boiling deep in his soul, and calls to him to use this new power against his enemy. It is a power fuelled by fury, and a blazing desire to fight. Falcon raises a hand, feeling the power surge up to concentrate there in a glowing ball of dark ochre fire. Falcon takes a step towards the shadows, the ball of fire still in his hand. Anger blazes inside him, fuelling the fire, and with it his own single-minded resolve.

"Leave. Now." he snaps at the shadow men. He sees them melt backwards, some jibbering in fear. The lead figure however stands his ground.

"What are you playing at human?" it growls.

Falcon laughs, "What am I playing at? You don't want to know. Now get out of here, before you push your luck any further."

The shadow snorts and doesn't move. Baring his teeth, Falcon sends the burning fireball flying towards the creature. It ducks out of the way just in time and the fire slams into the opposite wall of the tunnel leaving a black stain against the dark rock.

"Want another demonstration?" Falcon asks, feeling the energy surge joyfully through his system and calling up another fireball into his hand.

The shadow stands still for a moment, then turns and flees back down the tunnel after its brethren. Falcon watches them retreat, gradually letting the fire dim in his hand. Then, just as suddenly as it arose, the energy is gone and Falcon's knees buckle. He lands on all fours on the tunnel floor, gasping as if he's just been running. His companions look at him, faces a mixture of alarm and relief. He looks up and grins weakly:

"Well," he says. "That was unexpected."

The End

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