"Amazing" the shadow walks up and snatches it from Life. Chocolate keeps her steady as she stumbles slightly. Eternal goes and takes her shoulders firmly. She channels light energy through her bones.

That when the shadow man gestures to the others. They storm in grabbing Life..... and Eternal with the children. "The rest may past" the leader shadow says.

"No" Falcon growls pulling out her shoulders. "You wanted a magical item you got one give them back"

The Shadow leader smiles. "But imagine what we could get with them remaining with us. Its a fair trade for passage"

"Give them back!" Falcon yells. The cave shakes and Eternal finds her self staring shocked.

She looks at the children then at Life who seems as shocked as her. Eternal looks back at Falcons whose fuming a bright rainbow aura rising from the ground and rapping around him.

The shadows step back releasing Life and Eternal. "What is this?" The shadow leader whispers.

"You can't have power" Eternal whispers.

"He has a touch of your life force.... in two ways" Life says smiling at her. Eternal gets the second. She blushes looking down at her children then coughing embarrassed.

"The trade is not fair" Falcon hisses. Whats he going to do?

The End

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