Sinister EnergyMature

Peering through the shimmering iridescence of Eternal's shield, Falcon watches as Life works her magic. Although he's used to magic by now, this display still unsettles him. A sudden dark determination seems to have come over Life; a stark contrast to her usual childlike state. The air around them seems to hum with energy as Life begins her work. Even the shadow-things appear to have retreated slightly.

"What is this?" Thunder hisses in Falcon's ear. He chuckles:

"I have no idea, but you learn to live with it. Besides, if it'll get us out of here it works for me."

Helena too is watching Life uncertainly, while Eternal seems as impassive as the very stone under their feet. Alaric and Rosemary are silent again, as if they too can sense the seriousness of this situation. Something begins to form in Life's hands, a dark pulsing energy that seems to resonate through the small space. The hairs on the back of Falcon's neck rise, he's never felt magic like this before. The feeling of power is known to him, after all he's more than familiar with Eternal's skills, but the magic Life wields seems somehow different, darker. More sinister.

The shadow-things are watching her hungrily, their forms shifting and sliding beyond the light of the shield. They seem anticipant of what is coming, but why Falcon has no idea. All he can do is stand and hope they will leave them alone once they have what they want. He doesn't much fancy taking his chances against them in the dark.

Suddenly, the energy in Life's hands seems to solidify and she relaxes, something large and black sitting in her hands. From the way she's holding it, Falcon can only guess that it's heavy.

"You can lower the shield now," she says. Eternal does so, and the group look to the shadows, waiting for their verdict.

The End

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