The Shadow men turn. "We will let you pass for payment" the leader of them says.

"I have no magical items on me" Thunder says simply.

"Then you will be taken into the dungeons" So simple....

"I can make one" Eternal calls. Everyone turns to look at her. "Only something simple though. Complex items will take days and we dont have time"

The shadow leader smiles."Then you will have to stay for days we wish for a Power orb to store memories"

"I do not do dark magic" Eternal hisses. She wouldn't do it if her life depended on it.

"I do" Life whispers. Everyone looks at her. Eternal with shock.

"What?" She chokes out.

"You were the light one.... I was the dark thats why I avoid using my powers" Life whispers silently. "This item won't take long but.... Eternal keep everyone safe in a light orb"

Eternal nods and steps away pulling Falcon with her. Thunder and Helena follow hesitantly. She puts up a shield then Life gets to work pressing her hands together.

The End

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