Negotiating with ShadowsMature

Falcon peers into the dark, trying to discern anything in the blackness. A voice echoes from the shadows and Falcon's head whips around, trying to pinpoint it. He can hear Rosemary and Alaric whimpering quietly, and the breathing of his companions, but nothing else. Then the light from the shadow-things swords catches his eye.

"What are you doing in our domain? Answer me!" snaps one of the shapes.

"We were merely passing through," replies Thunder, raising his hands in a gesture of surrender. "We mean you no harm!"

"Then why are you armed?" the shadow replies. "And who are these people with you?"

"They are friends," says Thunder. "My people are merely escorting them back to the surface. We did not mean to intrude, but the overland way is impassable."

The shadow snorts, and Thunder hisses at Falcon to sheath his sword. He does so reluctantly, still watching the shadows, trying to count their number. Then again, they move so fluidly and so fast it's hard to even see where one starts and one begins. Even by the light of their blades, they seem as liquid as the darkness they came from. The lead figure turns back to its companions and they begin to mutter amongst themselves. Goosebumps rise on the back of Falcon's neck and he sees Life and Helena step closer to Eternal. Something tells him this isn't going as well as Thunder had hoped...


The End

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