Sounds in the DarkMature

Eternal wasn't happy. She wasn't upset or angry either. She was nervous. Scared. Frightful of the darkening darkness.

How can darkness darken? Eternal didn't know how but it obviously was. She was sure of it.

Rose and Alaric was silent in the hammock which was even worse. Eternal wanted them to make some noise. Break the tension that was wrapping around them so tightly.

Shadows were creeping along the wall. "Life........ we need light......" No one moves. "Now!" Eternal shouts.

She and Life light up a flame in their hands catching it. The men stand out on the walls. "They are not shadows" Helena whispers. Everyone comes together.

Rose begins to cry causing Alaric to. "Hush" Eternal whispers. Then the earth begins to shake.

Eternal has to let go of her flame to pick up the children. They quiten quickly. Then the shadow men through something at Life's flame making it go out.

 "Why did we choose this way?" Eternal whispers.

"You shouldn't have come with us Helena" Life whispers.

"Nonsense...... You can't protect these two on your own even though they did almost bring the cave down" Helena answers.

Getting darker then light. "I thought the Elves were difficult" Falcon whisoers.

The shadow men reappear with bright starlight swords. "What are you doing in our domain?" One shouts. "Answer me!"

The End

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