Going UndergroundMature

Falcon eyes the storm, seeing the lightning smash into the ground like an angry beast. True he didn't like the idea of the tunnels, but that storm was definately deadly. There was no way he was going out in that out of choice.

"Very well," he says. "The tunnels it is. We'll have to risk it, or we'll all be blasted to kingdom come."

Eternal groans, but they turn back into the tunnels anyway, filing off through a second exit that slants down under the ground. It's colder down here, but the noise of the storm is muffled by the thick, dark rock. Falcon shudders, remembering the last time they were underground, just before the elves had found them. The Nightwave attacks had freaked everyone out, and the elves... he didn't even want to think about how furious they would have been when they found their prisoners had escaped. Hopefully there wouldn't be any such nasties down here, because he doubted they could fight them off. Even before, when there had been just under a dozen armed soldiers they'd had a hard enough time getting out alive. Now with only him and Thunder in possession of a weapon and Eternal burdened with their children, not to mention Life and Helena, they'd be even more hard pressed.

At least it will save us some time, he thinks, trying to push the darker thoughts out of his head. The sooner we get to the islands, the sooner we can get back, then this whole horrific venture will be over and we can get out of this warzone as fast as we can go. Plus, I can't wait to see Dane's face when he sees I'm a father. The thought makes him smile slightly, despite the ominous darkness that seems to be following their every move. It's just the shadows, he tells himself, swiping at one with his sword to prove it. Nothing moves, and he continues onwards, staying at the back of the pack. Even if Thunder hadn't mentioned anything, he knew deep places were a haven for unknown horrors. Particularly when there was potential food about...

The End

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