Eternal was thankful for Helena's help as they began walking. Especially when Rose started crying causing Alaric to cry out.

Its like they were linked and Eternal was starting to wish they weren't cause its getting on her nerves one hell of a lot. "Shh" She says picking up Rose then she trys to pick up Alaric.

Helena runs up and helps her and Eternal smilings thankfully at her. "Thank you" Eternal whispers. Not wanting to disturb the children yet again. Life skips up and Chocolate skuttles up on to her back.

"Are you coping well Sis?" Life asks.

"I'm coping" Eternal says. Life frowns at that but doesn't speak. She steps up to Eternal and touches Alaric and Rose's cheek. Then mumbles something beneath her breath.

Its like they calm to it and Eternal smiles gladly at Life. That's when the skys begin to darken. "No" Eternal whispers.

But she should have known. She can't fight her own future. She can't change it so much that point she see's don't come true.

"We have to take the tunnels" Thunder shouts. "That sign is of a Electricity storm. Each lightning strike will hit the ground and echo across the top"

"We can't take the tunnels" Eternal whispers tightening her hold on the children. At that moment it begins to rain.

"We have no choice" Thunder says. "If we don't we'll die out here"

The End

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