Vision then cryingMature

Eternal hums to the baby's as Life sits of the floor holding Alaric and telling a tale. Eternal feels slightly shifty though not being able to stand still.

Then suddenly Flash. Eternal's sucked into a vision.


The way is dark. Its hard to see. "Why did we choose this way?" someone whispers.

"You shouldn't have come with us Helena" Someone, who Eternal quickly recognises as Life, whispers.

"Nonsense...... You can't protect these two on your own even though they did almost bring the cave down" Helena answers.

Getting darker then light. "I thought the Elves were difficult"


Eternal gasps coming back to the present and looks around to notice if anyone saw. No.... No one. She see's Falcon on his way back but it's obvious he didn't notice cause when he looks at her he seems happy.

He stops in front of her kisses her forehead the Rosemery's. "Can we call her Rose for short?" Falcon asks.

Eternal nods silently trying to smile. Falcon is immediatly alert. "What's wrong?" he asks putting a hand to her cheek.

"Can we avoid to dark of tunnels" She whispers. Falcon freezes. "I don't want to get caught in any"

"Why?" Falcon asks.

"Vision" Eternal whispers then kneels down to ready the children. She's decided to put them in a sort of hammock that she carrys round her neck and shoulder.

The End

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