Dream talkMature

"What do you want Shadow?" Eternal turns on him. She knows she's asleep. She physically feels the warmth of Falcon behind her and the babys cuddled up to her.

"I am so glad to see you alive" He says slightly patronizing.

"Not now Shadow. I am not in the mood" Eternal hisses clenching her fists but not in real life. No, now she's totally in the dream.

"Okay back to buisness" He says clapping his hands together. "Your friends suffer with each day.... you know I can only keep them alive so long. Quite a few have inguries I can not treat"

"Then let them go.... I'll transport there and we'll be gone not affecting anyone" Eternal says strongly.

"Not helping us. Get the stone quick Eternal" Shadow says then disapear leaving her to wake up scared and frightened.

"Nothing changes" Eternal whispers. The babys stire to her fear but she kisses each of there cheeks softly. "Least I have something better to fight for"

The End

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