"Hmm" Eternal was stuck. The two baby's finished feeding then began to laugh. Then they put their hands together and..... Pop!

They disapeared out of Eternal's arms and popped up in front floating through the air. Eternal and Falcon gawk shocked. Then Eternal squeals scared for her children.

Running over she pulls them down from the air into her arms. But again they transport into the air by touching hands.

"Well, thats cheeky" Falcon says plucking Alaric out of the air while Eternal takes Rosemery. They moan reaching out to each other.

"Its a bit like Eternal when she was young" Life says. "Mum said she would never stop teleporting. That she always used it to get out of situations at home"

Eternal pouts at Life who giggles and skips up. "You could put them to sleep in a floating orb with blankets and pillows" Life surggests.

"That might be a good idea" Falcon says. He's bobbing Alaric up and down trying to get him to quieten and Eternal's doing the same.

"You're a natural parent" Helena says approaching Eternal. "Also I was sent to note we have to move other wise we'll be late behind"

Eternal nods then clicks her fingers a small floating cot appears She lowers Rosemery into it then Falcon lowers in Alaric. She clicks her fingers again. A see through shield goes over the top and a leash comes off it. She attaches that to her belt and she smiles at Falcon.

He smiles back then pulls her into his arms and kisses her passionately. They can hear the twins laughing gleefully as they do so.

The End

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