Life ForceMature

Eternal's body lies still. Not a breath. Not a whisper or slight movement. She's layed beneath a tree.

Falcon runs up then kneels down next to her. "Life.... how do you give a life force?" Falcon asks looking back at her. She approaches slowly.

Somethings awakening inside of her. The bad powerful thing. She clenches in down then begins to speak kneeling on the other side of Eternal. Chocolate runs up Lifes back to cling round her neck.

"Take her hand" She instructs. Falcon does this taking Eternal's limp hand softly. "Now push HER life force into your hand or hands which would be easier"

Falcon tries it struggling. "It... It hurts" Falcon says through his teeth.

"Yeah and she did it giving birth" Life says smiling and looking at Eternal.

"Yeah...... She's amazing" Falcon whispers then pain. Searing pain as the life force is yanked out of her arms and into Eternal.

Eternal gasps breathing in. She rolls over and begins to cough. "Eternal" Falcon gasps.

She looks up. She would have spoke but Falcon's lips silenced her crushing against her so hard she felt excitement echo through her bones.

Then she yanks back. "Where are my baby's?" She whispers. Then it comes the crying calls of the two twins.

They know their mother is back and the yell out happily wanting her to come. Eternal jumps to her feet then teleports landing in front of a bunch of blankets.

Helena leans over them trying to shush the crying babies. They immediatly begin to laugh at the sight of their mother.

Helena looks up and gasps. But Eternal doesn't wait she scoops up the two baby's into her arms. They cling to her laughing happily.

Falcon approaches and slows down to watch them. Eternal turns to look at him and motions with her head for him to come over.

He walks over and Eternal hands over the boy. "Names?" He asks smiling.

"Hmm" She whispers smiling and slowly she presses her lips to his. A short kiss.

"God, I missed you" he whispers.

"I know" Eternal says smiling. "And I'm sorry....... I got it Rosemery and Alaric" She says smiling.

The End

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