One Last ChanceMature

Several hours later, and Falcon hadn't moved from his position. Both Life and Helena had done everything they could to get him to move, but he remained where he was. The earth people had long since removed Eternal's body, and one of the women had taken the twins to be cared for. Falcon had scarcely noticed any of this, in fact he hadn't uttered a word since Eternal's death. He felt as though the bottom had fallen out of his world, leaving only a cold void in it's place.

She's gone, he thinks, the words echoing through his mind, she's really gone. You'll never see her again. The thought cuts into him like knives, tearing at his very soul. Eternal was gone. He was alone. Blaze had taken his friends from him, and now his lover had died giving birth to his children. And it was all his fault. Everyone he loved had suffered because of him, and now they would most likely die for it. One of them already had.

Chocolate ambles over, looking at Falcon with his strange bear-ish eyes. Falcon doesn't move, he continues to stare at the ground in front of him, still stained with the blood from the birth. Chocolate growls at him, but none the less comes over and puts his furry head on Falcon's knee. Life follows after the animal, shaking her head sadly, face stained with tears.

"It's not your fault." she says, voice choked with sadness. "Whatever happened, it wasn't your fault."

Falcon doesn't reply. Life shakes her head and sits down next to him.

"She gave her life force to you willingly," she says. "She must have seen it coming, somehow. I looked through her last memories, and I'm almost sure she knew."

Falcon looks up, "What?" His voice is hoarse and emotionless, but there's a faint glimmer in his eyes. Life continues:

"She knew it was going to happen. That means she knew about all this. That means she wouldn't want you to just sit here doing nothing. Eternal gave you what was left of her life willingly. She wouldn't want you to waste it."

Falcon opens his mouth to reply, but something clicks in his mind. She gave it to him. She gave it. That would mean the transaction was voluntary. And if that was true, then surely there must be some way to give it back...

Life jumps as Falcon springs to his feet and strides off purposefully towards the camp of their hosts.

"What are you doing?" she calls after him, utterly confused.

"She gave it to me willingly. That means there's a chance I can give it back. I don't know if it will work, but it's worth a try." he fixes Life with a look.

"I'm not losing anyone else."

The End

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