What Has She Done?Mature

Falcon looks at Life, utterly aghast at what he's hearing.

"She... what? I don't understand... what's she done?" he gasps, confused and not at all understanding what is going on.

But Life doesn't answer, she just sits there, staring at her sister, and the two squirming bundles that now lie in Helena's arms. Falcon doesn't look over at them, he can't bear to. He feels Eternal's wrist for a pulse, but can find none.

"Eternal?" he whispers, "Can you hear me? Please, say something... wake up."

But Eternal makes no reply. Falcon feels again for a pulse, at her throat this time, but agian finds nothing but silence. He takes his hand away, a sudden terrible truth crashing down on him. The birth had killed her. Something about the way the twins had been born had killed her.

"But you're immortal!" he gasps. "You can't die! What's happened to you?"

"I've already told you," says Life. "She gave you her life force."

"But what does that mean?" Falcon cries despairingly, still clutching Eternal's limp hand in his. "What has she done?"

"She made her choice." says Life, jerking her head at the twins, who are still crying loudly. "It was her or them."

The End

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