Screaming then.... nothingMature

Eternal scream rings out. "Oh no...... We Need Something For Her To Lean Up Against!" Helena yells.

Eternal closes and begins breathing in and out slowly. Its quite hard with the pain rioting up her spine.

They are killing me, she thinks, Not on perpose though. No, Eternal can feel there emotions of fear and total sadness.

"Thank you" Helena says. Eternal squits her eyes open to see Falcon sitting down next to her.

She reaches out weakly with her right hand. He notices and takes it firmly in his.

"You're gonna need to push Eternal. On my count. One, Two, Three, Push!"

Eternal pushes screaming and She would have thrashed out but She didn't want this to be anymore uncomfortable.

Helena instructs her to push again and this time She feels the tug at her life force. Two more pushes and her life force is starting to tear.

"Okay two more I think"  Helena says.

Two more, Eternal thinks scared. She tightens her grip on Falcon's hand.... then makes her disision.

"Push!" Helena shouts. As she pushes she gather her life force together in the bones of her hand.

"One more push!"

Eternal pushes feeling two pains from below and another as she pushes her life force into Falcon.

"No!" Life's voice screams across.

"Eternal" Falcon says worried voice calls. "Eternal!" He tightens his grip on her hand but she doesn't stir.

Then baby crys ring out. "Now I understand" Life whispers. "She gave her life force to you to save both of them"

"What?"  Falcon whispers.

"She chose the way to save her children..... that only has a slight chance of saving her. Either that or her life force dies"

The End

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